Here are some of the most commonly questions that we get asked all the time. If you have any other further questions please email us on hello@friendlymascots.com


Q. Who is Friendly Mascots?
A. Friendly Mascots is a Brisbane based company, we originally started making pet tags for our own dogs and due to high demand started selling them online.

Q. How should a dog collar fit?
A. It is always a good idea to measure the collar length and size before you purchase any collar as all dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A flat collar should fit comfortably on your dog's neck. The collar should not be so tight as to choke your dog, however, loose that they can slip out of it. For the best fit, you should be able to get two fingers underneath the collar between the dog. 

Q. How often should I check my pets collar.
A. It is good to check your pets collar every few days or at least once a week. The reason why it is good to check a fitted collar is to check the structural integrity of the collar and if you pet is experiencing any irritation or discomfort.

Q. How strong are your collars.
A. No collars are indestructible, If your dog pulls on the collar, our premium range will be more suited to you. If you have a dogs pulls a lot and can be easily excitable, we suggest your purchase a dog harness or a halti. 

Q. What is an AirTag?
A. An AirTag is an Apple product that is a tracking device that can be used on just about anything, in our case, to track our pets. 

Q. Is an AirTag Water proof?
A. The AirTag is infact water resistant, it has a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes).

Q. Are your products animal friendly?
A. Yes, every item that we sell on our store is animal friendly we are strong believers in being kind to humans and animals.

Q. What is PU leather?
A.  PU leather, also known as synthetic leather, it's an imitation of the real leather created from polyurethane, a plastic with a similar feel and aspect to the leather, but without involving animals. 100% PU leather is an artificial material or artificial leather that does not involve animals. PU leather is considered Vegan leather.

Q. Why would I use friendly mascots products?
A. All of our products and pet collars are also animal free products so you can be sure that no animal were harmed in production.

Q. Will a training bark collar hurt my dog?
A. No, the collar is designed in a way to distract the pet, however do no not suggest it for long term use. 

Q. Do they really work?
A. Yes, we have 3 dogs and it works on all three, each pet reacts differently because of their nature so be patient and spend some time finding out what works the best for your mascot.

Q. How should I start training?
A. Training should start with teaching your pet limits and rules, we would strongly suggest that training should first start with the tone, if you're not having success with that then move onto the vibrate, and in extreme cases, buzz.